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TRIP ADVISOR 2013 & 2014



Awesome sail!

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 26, 2015 NEW

Loved the sunset cruise. Beer was cold and the sailboat was amazing. Not crowded and casual. Captain and first mate were very nice and friendly. Book online and save.

Want to Enjoy Key West Without Being on a Overcrowded Boat? Pick Floridays.

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 25, 2015 NEW

This was my second snorkeling trip in Key West, and much better than the first. That boat packed the customers in, where 50 people are fighting for a spot on the rail, then on top of each other in the same snorkeling area. However this one had plenty of room to move around and enjoy the view, without bodies in the way. The two crew members, Alexis and Shannon, were wonderful and truly helped make this a first class experience. Service and the customer's experience truly were the priority.

With Floridays, my wife and I enjoyed the snorkeling trip so much, we booked the sunset cruise a few days later. The experience was identical. This is the best snorkeling excursion and sunset cruise in Key West!

Wonderfully run outfit

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 12, 2015

we went snorkeling with Alexis and Floridays and had a perfect day. So good, in fact, that we rebooked with them this year. Unfortunately, though the day was beautifully sunny, Alexis told us when we got there that the conditions weren't good: high winds, very choppy, poor visibility. We decided not to go and Alexis could not have been more accommodating - creating flexibility to work is in another day, and then when the weather didn't clear up, refunding our money. As we watched other boats go out on what we're surely uncomfortable, disappointing trips, we were so thankful we had booked with Floridays. Could not ask for better customer service - last year, when we went out, and this year, when we did not. Thank you Alexis - we will be back!

Fantastic excursion

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 9, 2015

This was a perfect Key West trip. The boat is beautiful and the two women who were our crew were simply fantastic. It was a little choppy who we went out and they gave us great advice about where to snorkel, handling waves, etc. we had our kids with us so it was particularly welcome.
Totally worth every penny and a great tip to the crew! Could not recommend more highly. Next time we will try the sunset sail!

Perfect Key West Experience!

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 6, 2015

We just got off the boat and I couldn't wait to write this amazing review! The 5 of us on our girls trip had a great time with our afternoon snorekling your! This price and reef was 10x as good as the snorkeling I did in Mexico 2 months ago... I highly recommend!

professional and considerate

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 4, 2015

There were only 4 people on board and the sea was rough but the delightful young crew went all out. They made us comfortable and took us to a great location. Not at all like the 'partyboats' that are out there and that dont take care of the coral. These people are careful and honest and environmental.


5 of 5 starsReviewed February 17, 2015

We had a group of 6 girls attend for a bachelorette party. Location was convenient to downtown Duval (walk through Hyatt Resort & Spa) and boat left on time. Delightful crew, Capt. Mike and Stephanie made us feel right at home, took many pictures of our group and filled up our drinks as needed!

Only negative was our own fault, we went in February and wished we had brought blankets or towels as it was cool when the sun went down!

Outstanding experience!

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 7, 2015

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a wonderful sunset cruise aboard the pristine yacht Floridays with her delightful crew. Thank you for a superb experience! Simultaneous sunset and full moon rise!

Short notice Wedding

Reviewed December 4, 2014

I live in KW and have enjoyed several trips on the Floridays. but they really went all out to accomodate all of our needs. Capt. Mike and first mate Stephanie (I hope I got that name right) were friendly but professional. The boat itself was perfect for our small wedding party, plenty of comfortable seating, and very clean. Locals and out of towners agreed: A+!! The most stress free wedding ever!

Great Sunset Cruise

Reviewed October 1, 2014

This was our seond time to travel with Captain Alex and her fist mate Savannah on a sunset cruise. They made the trip fun and relaxing. You could tell these ladies knew exactly what to do when it came to taking the boat out on the water and keeping us safe. We went out on the boat for 2 hours or so to watch the sun go down. The waters were calm and the scenery beautiful. Great views of the ocean and sky. There was 20 people on the boat and 3 adults in our party. Lots of time to take pictures and chat with people. Beverages were provided. The cost was reasonable for the trip and this is something, we would do again.

Excellent Experience

Reviewed September 20, 2014

My wife and I went out on the Floridays morning snorkeling trip. Captain Mike along with crew, Shannon and Morgan, were great. We were looking for a smaller trip and a more relaxed experience. Floridays delivered that in spades. We were not able to go to the reef, as Captain Mike advised us that it was a bit too rough and the jellyfish were pretty bad. Instead we went to a wreck at another spot.

Saw a lot of fish and seeing the wreck was pretty cool. You could still see the mast and make out the remains of the hull. We were also able to get great shots with our GoPro!

Fun snorkel trip

Reviewed August 29, 2014

Staff is very sweet and accommodating. Very beautiful and fun trip to be on. Good level of service with the staff always making sure you were comfortable, needed anything to drink, etc.

Memorable sunset cruise

Reviewed August 25, 2014

Floridays does it the right way! They don't pack a boat to max capacity like some other KW sunset cruise outfits, but they SAIL you on a breathtaking sunset cruise. Comfort of their guests are their priority. Mike and Shannon were FANTASTIC! High accolades to the two of them. Mike chatted with my Mom and Shannon loved my Mom's "sippy cup" lol. They served snacks and wine, beer, margaritas, soda, etc. There is a head on board and the ambience was perfect for a small group. Well done Floridays!! Highly recommended

Snorkel and Sail

Reviewed August 17, 2014

The trip on the sailboat was excellent. The snorkel area was a little rough but it is in open water. The keys are a little more grey than say Hawaii but it gives you the big picture of the Florida experience. The crew was the best and went to great lengths to ensure that all on board were well taken care of, safe and relaxed.

Personal Experience.

Reviewed August 16, 2014

This sailboat cruise/snorkel was fantastic! Captain Alexis and Shannon were amazing crew on Floridays. Both were very knowledgable about Key West and offered laughs for the journey out to sea. Since this sail offers 16-20 passengers you feel you are obtaining a much more personal experience on board. The entire deck is yours ladies for the taking if you would like to lay out. Guys-you're on a sailboat-nowhere else you should want to be. There is a head(bathroom) on board with lots of space below deck. However, the view is topside overlooking Key West and the surrounding keys. Today's snorkeling was amazing! The visibility was 80ft. Grouper, sharks, lobster, urchins...etc. Everything your childish heart desires! Shannon kept us hydrated and the Captian Alexis kept the tunes going. Take a seat and enjoy the ride. Maybe next time we'll enjoy the sunset with these two pretty ladies!
Cassie & Ames

Awesome Experience!

Reviewed August 12, 2014

My wife and I had planned on going along just for the ride since we were both novice swimmers.( Snorkeling was not on our agenda) However, after watching Alexis and Shannon in action we felt comfortable enough to try snorkeling. We had a blast! Alexis and Shannon were very knowledgable, professional, and friendly. This was one of the highlights of our trip to Key West!


Reviewed August 10, 2014

I am not the bravest person on the water and when I first arrived on the dock and saw this beautiful sailboat and not a cat, my heart took a dive. My husband wanted to have a snorkel trip without the crowd , only 12 guests aboard. Well the sea was a little rough, but Alexis and Shannon did a wonderful job getting us to the snorkel sight. Enjoyed our snorkeling time and went by so quickly. The sail back was much smoother and so enjoyable. Later that night we went on the sunset cruise with Mike and Shannon, total sail and beautiful sunset. Jon and I had so much fun. Saved the best for the last day. Highly recommend and have fallen in love with sailing. Will never go on one of the catamarans with so many packed on board. Thank you Alexis, Shannon and Mike, you made our experience perfect.


Reviewed August 6, 2014

Just had a wonderful snorkel trip with Alexis and Stephanie aboard Floridays sailboat!! Best snorkeling trip I've ever had. You will see tons of tropical fish and the coral reef is beautiful! Aboard is a very laid back environment and both ladies are so informative!! Thanks for a wonderful time in Key West!

Total experience was awesome!

Reviewed July 31, 2014

Alexis and Shannon were amazing. The reef was exceptional and the marine life was abundant. We went on the 2pm sail today and our family of 5 were the only ones on the ship. I would do this trip every time that I come to Key West! That's how good it was! Visited July 2014

So much fun!

Reviewed July 31, 2014

My husband and I went snorkeling last week and used Floridays. They were extremely professional and caring, and took us to a beautiful site to snorkel. They explained to is what the reefs would look like, how to best snorkel, and were right there checking every person the entire time to determine if we were okay. This was my best snorkeling experience

Highlight of our trip!

Reviewed July 24, 2014

My girlfriend and I have been to Key West many times and always have an good time. However, I wish we would have known about Floridays earlier. We had a blast, great crew, beautiful water, tons of wildlife! So much fun; it made our trip! Next time we go to Key West Floridays will be on the top of our to-do list. If you go to Key West Floridays is a must or you’re honestly missing out. Visited July 2014

Chad's First snorkeling adventure!

Reviewed July 23, 2014

In Key West for a family wedding. Sixteen of us spent the morning with Captain Alexis and Stephanie for a beautiful boat ride and amazing snorkeling adventure. Stephanie and Alexis were fun and so kind to some of the kids (and adults!) who had never snorkeled before. It was so nice to have the boat to ourselves and the crew made us feel safe and comfortable at all times. even CHAD had a blast! thanks ladies!! Visited July 2014

Back again

Reviewed July 20, 2014

We are on vacation again in key west and returned to our favorite activity - snorkeling on Floridays. The reef was beautiful. The coolest thing is listening to the parrotfish eating. We saw so many fish and a couple turtles this time. Can't wait to get back out! Visited July 2014

Another unbelievable, amazing time snorkeling on Floridays!

Reviewed July 20, 2014

My wife, daughter and I went out for the morning snorkeling cruise and had the time of our life. The sailboat is the perfect size and beautiful. The captain, Alexis, and first mate, Stephanie, were super knowledgable and accommodating. On the way back they were quick to make sure we didn't get thirsty. (They provide all the drinks, alcohol included, as part of the trip price.) The price is very affordable for the great time. The fish that we saw were amazing. We cannot recommend this excursion any higher! Can't wait to go back to Key West and go out on the Floridays again!! Visited July 2014

Best in Key West!!

Reviewed July 20, 2014

Floridays is by far the best trip in Key West! I am in KW often and it's the only boat I will go out on. Compared to the big operators Floridays offers a personal and private experience on their beautiful sailboat. The captain and staff are always so great and fun to talk to, I always enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere. Don't miss this great boat and crew next time you're in Key West!! Visited July 2014

I've been on a couple of snorkeling excursions, and this by far was the best. The crew keeps the groups small (there were 11 of us), which makes for a very enjoyable experience. The captain and first mate spent a lot of time explaining the things we would see. I highly recommend them and will definitely be back on our next Keys excursion.

Best cruise in Key West

Reviewed July 5, 2014

I've been on two sunset sails with the Floridays and one snorkeling trip and must say that the Floridays is by far the best crew and boat that I've been out with in the 20+ years that I've been visiting Key West. The crew is fun, friendly, and won't hesitate to strike up a conversation with you if that's what you're looking for. I've had three amazing trips with them and honestly can't recommend them any more highly. Don't waste your time or money on one of the more touristy (and overcrowded) boats on the island...the Floridays takes much smaller groups for a great price and is by FAR a much better value. If you're on the fence about taking a trip with them, just relax and go for it! Visited July 2014

Once again, top notch

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 12, 2014

This was our second trip on Floridays. The first was a few years ago and it was outstanding. This one was at least at good. As always the crew is fun, friendly, and works hard to make sure everyone has a good time. Alexis and Stephanie make sure to spend a little time talking with all their guests and make sure everyone has whatever they need to make it a memorable trip. The weather was wonderful and the sunset was outstanding . Despite concerns about getting enough of a breeze, they were able to catch a good wind and we were doing 7-8 knots on calm seas and it was simply a great trip. All of our group raved about the cruise the rest of the week. Thank you very much.

Great Snorkeling, Crew, etc.

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 4, 2014

We took the 10am Sail/Snorkeling trip with Alexis and Stephanie. They were great. We sailed the entire way to and from the reef. At the reef, they made sure to select an anchor point away from other boats. Plenty of fish. Overall very enjoyable experience - definitely recommend

Great snorkeling

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 2, 2014

Alexis and Stephanie were superb. We had a fabulous sale out to the reef, and a great snorkel experience. We agree with the other review her, it was very challenging to get off the boat after that experience. I think we could've spent a week on the boat.

Third time - and more to come

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 26, 2014

This was our third trip on the Floridays, and there will be more. The first time, in 2006, we chartered the Floridays and were married on the deck just before sunset. Alexis was the first mate then. Absolutely the best :-)

Fast forward to 2012, and now 2014. Alexis is the captain now. There have been many upgrades to the deck, rails, and cabin, and we still love coming to the Floridays. No cramming 100 people on board. This is a much more intimate sail. We had plenty of room, and perfect views of the sunset. Champagne flowed, and the first mate (Shannon, i believe) was friendly and chatted with everyone unless needed by Alexis. We heard plenty of history, and plenty of stories about Key West notables - i think your experience depends on the day, and the level of interaction that comes from the guests.

Something to keep in mind: Wind and water conditions will be more pronounced on this size of sailboat.. They will not sail if conditions are unsafe, but you still might find it a tad bumpy when the winds are up! If you're prone to seasickness, and it's rough out, go on a larger vessel or wait till a quieter day.

Perfect morning of cruising and snorkeling

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 23, 2014

We wanted to avoid the tour companies with big catamarans and 100+ guests so we opted for Floridays and their beautiful sailboat. Two crew, 16 guests. It was perfect.

No wind meant we had to motor out to the coral reef, but it also meant perfect snorkeling conditions.

The crew was great: friendly, fun, helpful.

One hour cruising out to the reef. An hour in the water. An hour cruising back (with beer & margaritas provided!).

This was a perfect low-key but active morning out on the water and a great alternative to the party atmosphere on some of the other boats.

The masks and snorkels provided were good quality as well. All you need is a towel and sunscreen!

Sunset cruise

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 16, 2014

Great sunset cruise with a great crew. Very smooth ride and Alexis and Stephanie made the trip enjoyable with the bubbly personalities and the genuine interest in people.

Awesome sailers!

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 13, 2014

Great snorkeling trip! Alexis and Shannon are really awesome people, everyone had a great time!
Much better than going on a large catamaran and overcrowding the reef. We will be back!


5 of 5 starsReviewed May 7, 2014 credit cardAmex Card Member Review

This 60' sailboat has been our favorite for years. Captain Alexis is knowledgable, fun and so welcoming. This boat is NOT one of the "cattle boats" so often seen in Key West. We were out with them 3x last week and we never had more than 8 people on board. We have, in the past, had up to a dozen, but that's rare. Absolutely #1 for great snorkeling/sailing and beautiful sunset sails. Just do it.

Amazing trip

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 3, 2014

First I want to review the snorkeling -> The reef Alex and Shannon brought us to was beyond beautiful. The length of time on the reef was perfect for our group.

We were a party of 9 on a Girls weekend. There were 2 additional travelers on the boat so that made for only 11 passengers on a 60 foot sailboat that could accommodate many more.

Second the service was fantastic, Alex and Shannon catered to our every need. I would not hesitate to book again and I will be recommending Floridays to all of my friends and family. Thanks to Alex and Shannon for making our trip so memorable!

Back again and again

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 26, 2014 via mobile

Of course there are options in Key West, but why mess with perfection? This is the third time we've been out with Alex and a first with Shannon her first mate. Why go somewhere else? I can't imagine. If you're in KW and you want a personalized snorkel/sunset trip and not a huge party catamaran (which can be fine depending on what you're looking for), then Floridays is the choice. It was as close to a private charter as we've gotten in KW and worth every penny. Alex and Shannon were more than awesome.

Beautiful Sunset

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 21, 2014

Worth every penny. Shannon and Alex were fantastic! My wife and I will be back later this year (with friends) and guess what we will do again? :)

Very nice family day

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 14, 2014

Floridays caps snorkeling trips at 16 passengers; we had 6. Very personalized trip to reef with lots of instruction on the way. Equipment is clean and well maintained. Conditions were slightly rough on way out, but Captain Alexis talked everyone through the adventure. The reef was impressive, with sightings of yellow tail, zebra fish, blue tang, and for the more adventurous, barracuda and nurse sharks. Alcoholic beverages served on ride back to hotel. Great time.

Fun time

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 12, 2014

We went with Floridays for both their snorkeling trip and their sunset cruise. Sunset cruise was sailing, very relaxing, small group - we didn't want a party boat. The snorkeling trip is one hour out, one hour snorkelling, and one hour back - so if you want more snorkeling than one hour, it's not a fit - but one hour was good with me. Well run.

Awesome for teens to grandparents

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 8, 2014

Wanted to find a snorkeling trip for two families with teens. Booked with Floridays and everyone raved about adventure! Enough on--your-own time for teens and parents while exploring underwater world around National Wildlife preserve. Saw over twenty kinds of fish, lots of coral, a shipwreck, and even a sea turtle! Vessel was perfect size for a few families, and trip length suited us for the 2 pm departure. Returned at 5 pm to clean up for dinner and night on the town. Captain and first mate knew so much about local history and ocean life. Want to return!

Fantastic snorkeling

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 3, 2014

My family and I recently booked a snorkeling tour with Floridays in Key West. I made the reservation for a Tuesday about two weeks in advance. Within about 3 days of our trip, Alexis called to tell me that the weather on Tuesday didn't look as good as Monday's weather, so we switched our reservation. I thought that was really great because we would have had to cancel our trip if it had taken place on Tuesday because the weather did, indeed, turn bad. The crew was super helpful and friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. We had a lovely sail out to the reef, snorkeled for about an hour and saw some amazing fish and even swam with a sea turtle! We got back on the boat, had drinks and cruised back. Everything about the trip was so wonderful. At one point I looked over at another "snorkel tour" boat that was absolutely jam-packed with people like sardines. Our boat was huge and there were only about 12 or so of us making for a very spacious and relaxed trip. I cannot say enough great things about this company. If you are in Key West, you need to call Floridays!!!!

Beautiful sunset sail

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 29, 2014 via mobile

This is the second time we sailed with Alex and Shannon for a sunset cruise on the 60' sailboat "Floridays" and highly recommend it! Both girls are experienced sailors and a pleasure to be with as they are very knowledgable and accommodating.

 Two Great Cruises on Floridays

Reviewed March 21, 2014 NEW

We took a sunset cruise and morning snorkeling cruise. The Captain and Crew are fabulous. Very beautiful 60 foot sailboat which is clean and spacious. Neither cruise was overcrowded, which makes for a great experience. We really did our research, and this was a great value for both. Beverages were served on both with a nice selection. This will be a repeat when we return.

Visited March 2014

Great sunset cruise

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 18, 2014 NEW

What a great way to view the sunset. We boarded the boat and it was smooth sailing all the way. A good time was had by all! Thanks for a great cruise, we will be back!

Visited March 2014

Great snorkelling, great people (...and good sharks!)

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 12, 2014

We were only in Key West for an extended weekend and so we didnt want to jam our schedule, but we thought it would be silly to go so far south and not snorkel. We were a little put off by the big cruise crowds and the huge day trip groups you could see on some of the boats going out, but after talking to the awesome conceirge at the Westin, she asked straight away if we wanted big or small, cheaper or more exclusive. We went the latter and it was still only $65 for a half day trip. Very happy.

So, next morning we were greeted by two ladies running a large yacht and were two of only six people for a morning trip out the the reef, with an hour of snorkelling, and a relaxed trip back. Fantastic. Simply awesome. We've snorkelled in a bunch of places around the Carribean, and while we missed seeing any turtles, we saw a reef shark, thousands of fish, had great visibility, and it was just all so relaxed and casual. Nothing was too difficult, nothing was a challenge, and between the two of them they had answers to even the most esoteric non-boating questions (e.g. best scenic route back to Miami? Where to go for lunch? Where's the best place for Blues music?).

I really cant speak highly enough of the whole experience, I just wish I could have tipped them more as we got back to Key West!!

Visited February 2014

Fantastic Sunset Cruise and Snorkeling

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 1, 2014

My wide and I spent our 10th wedding anniversary in Key West last week. One of the highlights was our sunset cruise and later our snorkel trip along the reefs.
Captain Alexis and Stephanie are great hosts. Prices are very reasonable. Highly recommend this boat!

Outstanding 1st Snorkel Trip for Kids

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 18, 2014

It was the first time our 7 and 10 y/o kids 1) swam in open sea and 2) snorkeled, and the Floridays excursion created the best possible experience. Unlike other snorkel excursions where there are 50-100 people on the boat, the Floridays sailboat takes a limited number of guests, resulting in a peaceful and relaxing sail to and from the reef (vs. the pre-dive/snorkel chaos common on bigger boats). Captain Alexis and First Mate Shannon were personable and laid back, our family felt cared for and welcome. No one got seasick but we felt it wouldn't be embarrassing if we did. Shannon's thorough and knowledgeable snorkel briefing left the adults laughing, and our kids feeling confident and excited to get in the water. The reef was full of sea life, the water clear, the snorkel equipment clean and in excellent shape. When we get back to the Keys, we'll be booking with Floridays. * Sidenote: Before coming to FL our kids practiced using their masks and snorkels in the bathtub and swimming pool, which made for a great day on the reef.

Visited February 2014

Really enjoyable sunset cruise

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 14, 2014

The Floridays sailboat sunset cruise was recommended by a good friend who lives in Key West. We walked to it's docking area and did have a little trouble finding it as Hyatt owns other properties on the water, so got misdirected a couple of times. Nevertheless, we got there in time, found coupons to discount the trip, and clambered on board. A really spacious sailboat with a great crew--Mike at the helm and Shannon as first mate for our trip, both very personable and great to talk to. The boat was clean, and well maintained. We motored out of the harbor, then the sails were lifted. Shannon didn't neglect anybody with prepared margaritas, champagne, wine, beers soft drinks and snacks. There were only 8 customers aboard, so it wasn't crowded and we all had terrific views of other boats, coastline, and sunset. Mike positioned us well going into the final minutes before the sun went down so we could all take good pictures or just have a great view. The Caribbean music wasn't objectionable and played at an ok volume as has become a normal part of sunset cruises, but I could do without that personally. We found this a great experience and well worth the cost to experience the Key West sunset on the water.

Visited February 2014

What a wonderful trip with personal service!

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 26, 2014

What a wonderful first time on a sailboat. It was like a private excursion with only a few people on our trip. The 2 ladies on the crew were wonderful! They were very knowledgeable about reef and waters. Explained everything for us to have a great experience. We saw a lot of large fish and a reef shark. Happy Hour after snorkeling on our way back was also enjoyable.

Wonderful adventure!

Great snorkeling, terrific crew!

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 19, 2014

I have snorkeled and gone diving throughout the world, and this was the most accessible and best snorkeling I have ever done. The captain knew exactly where to take us, and in just under an hour we had seen more than twenty varieties of fish (including a nurse shark) and two sea turtles. The crew were all great. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Visited January 2014

Very pleasant sunset cruise

4 of 5 starsReviewed January 4, 2014

This was one of my favorite sunset cruises during our stay in Key West. Alexis and Mitchell were great company and created a relaxing atmosphere. I really enjoyed seeing all the sailboats tacking across the water that evening including the American 2.0. The Floridays sailboat is privately owned so there is greater care with keeping the group intimate and the boat overall. I would love to return again and try the snorkeling tour with this group. I highly recommend this experience over the crowded and impersonal tours on the catamarans like Fury.

Highlight of our Trip

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 2, 2014

Alexis and Charla truly made our experience on the Floridays 60 foot sail boat a once in a lifetime memory. We're a family of 4 and very familiar with boating and water sports. Took a morning snorkel excursion and were impressed with the professionalism, down to earth nature and great company Capt. Alexis and mate Charla turned out to be. We were all pretty rusty when it comes to snorkeling and very thankful for their knowledgeable tips and hands on assistance. We went to a beautiful part of the reef and saw countless huge bright fish. On the way back to port, we were poured champagne and toasted to a great morning on the water. If you want a beautiful, relaxing, and educational excursion, book this as soon as you can. Oh and don't forget your free t-shirt at the end! Thank you Alexis!

Visited December 2013

A must for any Key West Vacation

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 30, 2013

My husband and I took an afternoon snorkel trip today with Floridays and had an awesome experience. The captain (Alexis) and first mate (Mitchell) treated us royally. The boat itself is a beautiful monohull sailboat, not one of the overstuffed catamarans that look like barges stuffed with people. We had a beautiful ride out to the reef and back. The snorkeling was excellent--we spotted many unique and colorful fish and had just the perfect amount of time. We were extremely well-cared for throughout the journey. And as an added bonus, I am 5 months pregnant and both Alexis and Mitchell took extra care to make sure I was comfortable. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Visited December 2013

Incredible sunset cruise!

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 16, 2013

We took a sunset cruise last week, Alexis and Mitchell were awesome, very knowledgeable! It's a great sailboat, with great atmosphere, very relaxing! They make you feel at home. Not a large crowd, good selection of drinks, great price. We highly recommend them, and will DEFINITELY use them again!

Visited December 2013

Awesome snorkeling trip

5 of 5 starsReviewed December 8, 2013

We booked a 1/2 day trip in the afternoon with Floridays last Tuesday and had a great time and snorkeling experience! Capt. Alexis and Shannon were awesome. As a beginner snorkeler, I was comfortable in and out of the water, while my husband thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling and exploring the reef for the full hour. HIghly recommend this excursion!!

Visited December 2013

Amazing snorkeling adventure

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 20, 2013 via mobile

Spent yesterday on half day snorkeling trip with Floridays . The 60 foot sailboat was beautiful and Shannon and Alexis made the day fun and thoroughly enjoyable. They took us to a reef where they explained what we would see and where to find the best fish. Truly the highlight of our vacation. If you only have the chance to do one trip, take floridays! Well done!!

Visited November 2013


5 of 5 starsReviewed November 19, 2013

Capt Alexis and Shannon were great. If u can go on one snorkeling trip in key west dont waste any time looking ....go to Floridays!!!

As nice and helpfull as could be.

Thanks for an awesome experience!

Ken and Colleen...Mendham, NJ

Visited November 2013

Highlight of our trip to Key West!

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 18, 2013

My husband and I just returned from a week in Key West and wanted to thank Alexis and Shannon for a fabulous time — we did the snorkeling trip in the morning and the sunset sail in the evening — both were incredibly wonderful experiences. The instruction, the conversation, and the sailing were all just terrific! It was the highlight of our trip.

Visited November 2013


5 of 5 starsReviewed October 23, 2013

Went on a Sunset Sail with Floridays....the weather was cooperating just until the sun went down, then the clouds got in the way. Didn't matter! It was so peaceful and enjoyable. Small, quite group, great music, great conversation. Would recommend this sail before any others.

Visited October 2013

Super day trip with wonderful team - couldn't have overcome my fears without their support!

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 20, 2013

Lovely sail out to the world's third largest coral reef on a beautiful sailship with wonderful team; skipper Alexis and first mate Shannon. This was my first snorkelling experience and is a bit intimidating an hour out into open water - to my surprise I panicked on jumping into the water and couldn't put my face below water without further panic settling in, but the crew recognised this promptly and Alexis jumped in to support me - with lots of gentle encouragement (I didn't feel rushed at any time) she coached me to build up confidence and before I knew it I was swimming off following colourful fish! Managed a full hour in the water, than back to sunbathe on deck for the hour-long return trip.

Gentle sail back with offerings of margharitas and other beverages (I could only stomach iced water due to sea sickness but the choice looked good!), spotting further fish and a sea turtle, before mooring back next to the Hyatt and wandering back onto dry land and up to Duvall St. Thanks to the team, especially Alexis, for helping me conquer my fear!

Loved it!

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 16, 2013

We had a terrific snorkeling trip on Floridays. We have done several of these trips over the years in different locations, and this one ranks as the most enjoyable. Not too many passengers booked, the boat itself was great, and Alexis and Shannon were the best hosts. Snorkeling was also good; saw lots of colorful fish, coral and plantlife. Highly recommend!

Visited October 2013

Great Day Trip!

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 14, 2013

We booked our snorkeling trip through our Hotel and their recommendation was right on the money. We had perfect weather and Capt. Alexis and First Mate Shannon were gracious hosts. They made sure that everyone was comfortable and well prepared for our outing. The trip out and back was smooth. The only downside was even though we were out for an hour it seemed like 20 minutes. Afterwards Shannon made sure everyone was served their drink of choice on the return trip. I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Key West. A great value!

Visited October 2013

The best way to see sunset in Key West.

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 2, 2013

This by far is the best way to see sunset in Key West. Captain Mike and his wife were outstanding host they made us feel right at home. I am not a fan of the large capacity boats, if you are looking for a large crowd with a bunch of drunks; this yacht is not for you. We had a beautiful sail out with wine and champagne. The atmosphere was like going out to sail with a few friends. Good music in the background and conversation on deck provided a great way to just unwind and relax into the island state of mind. We had all our questions answered and were given many great tips and advice on places to go and restaurants to try that were off the beat and path. This is a must if you want the feel of your own private sunset adventure. The boat is easy to find and if you go on Google maps put the street view person on the boat/earth zoom all the way in and click on the boat at the end of the Hyatt pier. We will definitely return on or next trip.

Visited September 2013

The trip that will make your vacation

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 1, 2013

The Floridays snorkel trip was the ultimate Key West experience. Unlike many touristy boat rides, packed with hundreds of people, Floridays offers a more private and interactive experience. The trip made me feel like I was just being taken out on the boat by good friends. When we arrived for our snorkel trip, we were immediately greeted by a friendly staff that made us feel very comfortable around the boat. They gave us excellent quality snorkel gear to use, and even offered us floats in case we were not strong swimmers so that we could still get the full snorkeling experience. The sail out offered breathtaking views of Key West, and really made me appreciate the trip I was on. The weather was beautiful, as always in Key West, so we were able to get a nice tan on the front of the boat as we sailed out. Once we got out to the reef, the visibility was great. Overall, the Floridays snorkel trip was a Key West must! Don't miss out, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to visit Key West!

Visited March 2013

absolutely the best sunset sail!

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 19, 2013

absolutely the best sunset sail in Key West! Complimentary beverages, a quiet sail, with friendly crew. This is a large monohull that actually raises the sails and goes with the wind. Avoid the big catamarans that are full of noisy drunks and blaring music.

Visited September 2013

Worthy of Repeat Experiences!

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 15, 2013

Our first stop in KW each year - Floridays for a snorkel trip - so that we are sure we get it in! Never a disappointment.

Great boat - comfortable, safe, clean, bathroom on board. Crew (esp Captain Alexis) is helpful, accommodating, and safety conscious. Few folks on board (I think 12 has been the most we have ever sailed with), so it's not a cattle car. Rarely run into the cattle cars on the reef, but if they are there when we arrive, Floridays makes sure we are far enough away to avoid bumping into the cows in the water.

If conditions are right, Floridays does SAIL! An hour out; an hour back; and an hour on the reef. Morning departure is 10am, so early rising is not required. (A second snorkel trip leaves early afternoon.) Trip leaves from the Hyatt, so very convenient. Assistance in and out of the water takes the stress off. Crew prepares first time snorkelers and respects old hats. Reef is primarily 5 feet below surface, so the colors are spectacular, abundant with life, and there is plenty to keep you occupied for the hour you have in the water. Visibility is usually good to great. Pleasant sail back to port with libations provided once out of the water.

Book in advance online for a nice tee shirt!

Visited September 2013

Relaxing Sunset Cruise Sailboat Ride

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 9, 2013

What a great experience. Our party of 3 sailed with Capt. Alex and her first mate, Jen on a warm, cloudy day. Even though, we did not see a sunset the sailboat ride was really nice. We were able to take pictures with great views and sit at the very front of the boat where we enjoyed the ride. Capt. Alex and Jen made the trip fun and worked well as a team to know when to hoist the sails or adjust them. We sailed with a party of 20 or so and had lots of room to have a great view. Capt. Alexis was extremely professional and did a wonderful job of keeping us safe with the choppy waves we entered during out trip. The trip was reasonably priced and we sailed with adults not children for this adventure. Thanks for a nice trip Capt.!

Visited August 2013

Most relaxing Sunset cruise.

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 4, 2013

I am a local here in Key West, and when my brother and his family visted from out of town Floridays was my first choice for a sunset cruise. It was very theraputic and relaxing.The crew was very interactive with the guests and readily answered their many questions regarding Key West. The crew was very informative, friendly and accomodating to my little nephew. They were very attentive to our glasses making sure we stayed well hydrated. All in all we had a wonderful time a beautiful sunset was the icing on the cake (trip)
Will do it again without a moment hesitation I always recommend Floridays and will continue to so in the future!

Visited August 2013

Best Sunset Sail in Key West

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 28, 2013

My husband Mike and I always take a sunset cruise when we visit Key West. This trip we sailed on the Floridays, a gorgeous ketch-rigged Irwin yacht. The two-woman crew — Captain Alexis and First Mate Shannon — was a delight: professional, friendly and very laid back.

Easily accessible, we boarded Floridays at the end of the dock at the Hyatt Resort Hotel in downtown Key West and were warmly welcomed aboard. Then we were off! The wind was strong all week and the night we sailed was no different. The ketch zipped along smoothly.

We shared our evening with the two other couples who had also booked the sunset sail. Truth to tell? It was like having the boat to ourselves: 60 foot yacht + 2 woman crew + 6 guests = 1 heavenly sail; we felt like we had chartered our own personal cruise! With wine (for me) and beer (for Mike) in hand, we sat back and enjoyed the motion of the ocean and the view of the horizon.

We would recommend both boat and crew highly. The yacht is recently refurbished and very beautiful. The crew is well trained, confident and capable...and also very beautiful.

For additional information, videos and photos, you can read my recent blog post on Floridays at http://wp.me/p1sg3T-2kN

Amazing Experience with Unforgettable Views

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 19, 2013

I just spent one week in Key West with my wife and two daughters (ages 19 and 21). We went out on the morning snorkeling trip on the Floridays and had the time of our lives. It is a beautiful sailboat with an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. (Capt Alexis and First Mate Jen were great!). The fish we saw were some of the most beautiful I have seen anywhere in the world and they were literally everywhere around us. Jen even got in the water with us and took an underwater picture of our family for us. While sailing back from the reef Jen was always there with a fresh drink and she and Capt Alexis shared their vast knowledge of Key West, the reef and the fish we saw with everyone on the sailboat. We had such an amazing time on this trip that we decided to go out on the Sunset Sail the following evening. Capt Mike and First Mate Charla were equally knowledgeable and accommodating. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it was to watch a Key West sunset while feeling a nice breeze, drinking a glass of champagne and hearing the relaxing sound of sails lightly slapping in the breeze. Two years ago we went to Key West and went out on another companies snorkel and sunset sails. We had fun, but the experience we had with the Floriday's was second to none! This is a MUST do in Key West and if I could give the Floriday's more "stars" I would. We can't wait for our next trip to Key West so we can go out on the Floridays again.

Visited July 2013


Reviewed June 20, 2013 NEW

We had a great experience with Captain Mike and Lanier!!!! I stayed on the boat while my husband and others snorkeled and they were warm and friendly. When a storm blew in, they took good care of us and got us back safe and sound. Not to mention sharing rain jackets so we could stay up on deck! Would do it again in a heartbeat!!!! Thanks Captain Mike and Lanier!!!!

Visited June 2013

“Wonderful Crew and Great Snorkeling Trip”

Reviewed June 12, 2013

We booked a snorkeling trip with Floridays while we were visiting Key West.

A tropical storm had just passed through and they were awesome. Told us visibility was poor and were gracious enough to let us take the trip the next day! It was a perfect day. Great sailboat and they even put the sails up! Had a great group of folks out with us, not crowded like some of the boats we saw dumping tons of people off the boat to snorkel.

Their equipment was nice, instructions were great and the 2 gals crewing were wonderful. Had water and soda on the way out and the same with the option for beer on the way back!

Really enjoyed our bonus sail boat ride out and back and the snorkeling was great! Would recommend Floridays to anyone visiting the area!

Visited June 2013

“Worth it!”

Reviewed June 5, 2013

My husband and I went on the Floridays snorkeling trip on Thursday, May 30th. We had a fantastic time! We have snorkeled in multiple locations worldwide and this, by far, was our best experience. The boat is beautiful and you have plenty of room! The crew was great and provided great service and education on snorkeling, the reef, etc. the snorkeling gear was basically brand new and was by far the best gear I have used that has been provided to me to use. The water was very clear. We saw sharks, sting rays, fish, barracudas, and beaufiful corals. Definitely worth the money! :)

Visited May 2013

“Great Value, no crowds”

Reviewed May 30, 2013

We have been on Floridays before during the off season, when we had only about 8 people on the boat. This time it was a Memorial Day weekend and there were 17 people on our snorkel trip but there was still plenty of room to lay on deck and the service was excellent. The snorkel gear was practically new. The number one reason I'm glad we sailed with Floridays was when we saw another boat leave which looked like it had at least 100 people onboard. The captain of the boat was using a bullhorn to direct the passengers as they tried to count them. It was well worth the extra $20 to have a practically private charter.

Visited May 2013

“Excellent Trip!”

Reviewed May 27, 2013

I was on the afternoon trip on May 26 and it was wonderful. The captain (Alexis) and crew (Shannon) were very attentive and helpful. I believe the previous contributor must have been on the morning trip since we did sail on the return- which was fun. However, I had heard that the morning was much rougher. I could imagine the captain may have been focusing on driving the boat in those conditions and having less time to chat up the client. I found the captain and mate to be very friendly and interested in the clients on the afternoon trip - especially those that looked like they may not be completely comfortable on boats. The afternoon trip was great - sunny and relatively calm. The reef was beautiful. I would highly recommend this operator and plan to take this trip again the next time I am in Key West.

Visited May 2013

“Love this boat!”

Reviewed May 27, 2013

My wife and I had a wonderful time snorkeling off of Floridays. The crew was so nice and the boat is beautiful. The service they offer is perfect. Before we snorkeled we got an interesting and informative lesson about the reef and how to use their equipment. They supplied everything, except a towel (we were told in advance and brought towels from our hotel). We had about an hour to snorkel and saw amazing tropical fish, barracuda and a shark. After snorkeling we sailed back to the Hyatt and were served drinks including margaritas. When you're in Key West sailing on Floridays is a must do!

Visited May 2013

“Great fun, great boat”

Reviewed May 26, 2013

We go on Floridays every year when we're in Key West. The trip gets better every time and the boat gets nicer every time. Highly recommend it!

Visited May 2013

“Awesome sail & snorkel!”

Reviewed May 21, 2013

The ladies heading the sailboat were fun & friendly! It was not too crowded, we had a great ride out to the reef, snorkeled for an hour, headed back in. Very relaxing and beautiful! Easy & nice!

Visited May 2013


Reviewed May 20, 2013

I reserved a snorkel trip on the Floridays last week. It was an awesome trip, the boat is beautiful and the fact that there are no more than 15 people on the boat makes it worth the little extra $. The personal service and to be able to snorkel with out getting kicked by 50 other people in the water is the reason I booked with Floridays. This needs to be the #1 attraction on TA in the Keys.

Visited May 2013

“A fantastic sail”

Reviewed May 18, 2013

We've taken this sail several times, day and sunset, with kids and without. Every time has been a fantastic experience. The number of people is limited so you don't feel like you are on a 'cattle call'. The boat is pretty and has plenty of places to sit and relax. Most importantly the captain and crew are very welcoming and professional. We sailed (rather than just motored) every time. This is a very 'real' experience and a great way to go snorkeling or see the sunset! We are looking forward to going again.

Visited May 2013

“Enjoyable excursion”

Reviewed May 14, 2013

I signed on for a morning snorkel trip. The crew was professional and friendly, and the boat was immaculate. They limit the number of guests to something manageable, which is a nice distinction from the boats that cram 50 or so folks on board. On this trip, for instance, there were only 9 of us.
Because the day was a little too windy to head to the reef, the crew took us north into the gulf instead. They explained this modification to the trip before we even got on board, giving us the option of rescheduling if we desired. This slight hitch proved to be no hitch at all, however. The snorkeling was great, with colorful fish, large sponges, and even a large stingray that thrilled us all.
Floridays runs a professional, safe, and environmentally sensitive operation. The crew is knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a great way to see the life under the water!

Visited May 2013

“"You had me at 'Margarita' !"”

Reviewed May 14, 2013

We live in South Florida and go to the Keys often. This time my husband and I went to Key West to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. I am OBSESSED with sunsets so we decided to look into a sunset cruise. We were walking along the dock at The Hyatt when we came across Floridays . The crew was just finishing up with their morning cruise, but were happy to answer our questions. When they told me that they served Margaritas during the sunset cruise, that was the deciding factor! Honestly! It was just different from the norm of beer, wine or champagne.
( although they do serve those as well). When we returned later in the evening to set sail we were surprised to find that there was only one other couple on board, besides the crew. Thank goodness, because there is a 4 person minimum in order for them to leave the dock. The crew was very personable and welcoming. The captain ( sorry, I forgot his name) was very pleasant and engaged in conversation with everyone. I believe he actually owned the vessel, but was reluctant to come right out and say so! His wife was along for the ride as well and she too was pleasant. Jen, the first mate, was right on cue when it was time for another beverage or a snack. She busy putting up sails and working, but had plenty of time to chat with us There was also music playing, but not so loud that you couldn't hear one another. There is a "john" on board, but neither of us had to use it , so I can't comment on that. We have been on quite a few sunset cruises over the years and this was beyond a doubt, the BEST one we have been on. Nice and relaxing, with a yummy margarita in hand !

Visited April 2013

“Enjoyable Excursion”

Reviewed May 13, 2013

We were looking for a snorkel trip and booked the half day (morning trip) based on other reviewers positive comments. It was a fun excursion, about 1 hr of sailing to the reef, 1 hr of snorkel time and other 1hr back to shore. The captain and first mate were super friendly and happy to explain snorkelling to those on the boat who had never tried it before. The trip was just the right amount of time, so as not to take too much time out of your stay and a nice way to get out on the water and enjoy some snorkelling. Also, I found it to be a very affordable excursion, beers, margaritas, etc provided on the cruise back to shore afterward.

Visited May 2013


Reviewed April 29, 2013

We had friends tell us about Floridays about 3 weeks prior to our arrival. They highly suggested it based on the fact that it was family owned and not one of the big party boats. We took our 5 year old out on her first snorkeling trip and sunset cruise. We could not have been happier. Not only were they incredibly nice and accommodating both the captain and first mate were amazing with our daughter Ria (Sunshine). She talked the captain's ear off the entire hour back to the docks and couldn't wait to go back out on the boat for our sunset cruise. What we also LOVED about this boat is that it was a small group and not overly crowded like the other boats we would pass in the water. Will definitely use Floridays in the future and highly suggest them to anyone considering a visit.

“The top of the Game”

Reviewed April 24, 2013

We have a home in KW and snorkeling the reef with guests is not uncommon. This time we all searched the web for info. I found Floridays and was really interested in the small group (20 or less) and the sail boat transport. Trip Advisor reviews and an article helped. Thrilled with the choice and we will probably never go with any other company. Captain Alex and Jen were Superb, competent, attentive and engaging. The hospitality business is not easy and these two women are real jewels. The best choice, by far. Two couples early and mid 60's, competent but not foolish and good judges of guides and outfitters from wide travel. You will enjoy this trip.

Visited April 2013


Reviewed April 24, 2013

We've visited Key West numerous times and have always wanted to get out for a sunset sail. We checked the weather for the day and decided to book a sunset sail at the last minute. I found Floridays online and read good reviews, so I gave it a try. I called and spoke directly to Capt. Alexis, who held a spot for us for that night. We arrived at the Hyatt to find a beautiful sailboat and a friendly crew. Captain Alexis and First Mate Shannon were so warm and welcoming. Shannon kept our drinks flowing (champagne for me & beer for my husband), as Alexis told stories as she sailed the ship. The boat was not crowded, like some of the other ships on the water for the sunset. It was a lovely, relaxing, romantic night with a beautiful sunset; a wonderful experience all around. I can not recommend Floridays enough!! It was the highlight of our vacation!!

Visited April 2013

“Snorkel trip”

Reviewed April 18, 2013

We went on the snorkelling trip - 3 hours in total,. hour there, hour snorkeling around the 3rd largest reef in the world and hour back! Drinks provided, Crew very friendly and hospitable, they knew what they were talking about and showed patience and care to everyone on board - from beginners like us to those who were very experienced. Well worth it, great value for money and breathtaking views.

Visited April 2013

“Totally awesome experience”

Reviewed April 18, 2013

Had a wonderful time snorkeling, the captain Alex and 1st mate Jen were so personable and friendly making everyone feel so welcome. I conquered my fear of the water so for me, it rocked. Thx so much!!!!!

Visited April 2013

“Perfect Sunset Sail!”

Reviewed April 10, 2013

The trip on Floridays was the highlight of our Key West trip! We wanted an authentic sailing experience rather than a crowded party boat, and this trip exceeded our expectations. The captain Alexis and first mate Jen were friendly, charming, funny, gracious hosts. Complimentary beer, wine, soda, champagne, and margaritas resulted in a casual cocktail party atmosphere on the boat. The boat is in pristine condition, the sailing was flawless and the chance to be on the beautiful water during sunset was priceless. The cost of the trip was very reasonable, and if you register on line you receive a free t-shirt. There were only about 18 people on the boat, and that made for a very pleasant and relaxed evening. I would say if you do nothing else in Key West, do this!

Visited April 2013

“Snorkel Tour”

Reviewed April 6, 2013

My husband and I went on the morning snorkel tour with Alexis and Jen, it was excellent. The snorkeling was fun, the boat is beautiful it was a very relaxing day. The only caution I have if you go to the reef is its a bit wavy, plus if its a choppy day the scooner can be a bit bouncy. I was fine, another person on the tour got a little sea sick. The boat had a small group and it was a wonderful day, I definately recommend it if you don't like be packed on a boat with a hundred other people.

Visited April 2013


Reviewed April 5, 2013 NEW

Sunset cruise was excellent. Romantic. Someone even proposed to his girlfriend . The girls were great and we talked like we were old friends. Thanks for a great time!! Oh did I mention the beautiful sunset.....gorgeous.

“Low key sailing cruise”

Reviewed April 4, 2013 NEW

If you want a peaceful, friendly, non-drunken afternoon of sailing and snorkeling this is the outfit for you. The captain and firstmate were friendly and competent. The equipment was in good shape, the boat clean. Nice music, not blaring. A very pleasant outing.

“Great time snorkeling!”

Reviewed April 2, 2013 NEW

This small boat was much more fun and less crowded than the largest tour groups. There were maybe 20 of us on there as compared to larger tour companies with over 100 people on a boat to go snorkeling. Alexis and Jen were personable and very knowledgable. We would definitely book another tour with them. Don't go with the big company that takes you to the same spot as a small comfortable boat.

Visited April 2013

“Outstanding sail into the sunset”

Reviewed April 1, 2013 NEW

Capt Alexis and first mate Jen are attentive, engaging and true sailors hospitality .. We did the Sunset cruise and wanted to do the snorkeling.. Just ran out of time. Will be back in May and will cruise again with these great ladies

“Supreme sunset experience”

Reviewed March 31, 2013 NEW

We have taken other Sunset Cruises in Key West but this is the best!!! Alexis is a warm, engaging hostess. If your are looking for a party boat, go some where else. This cruise is relaxing and just the right atmosphere after a busy day in Key West. We will take this cruise again and again.

“Great experience, conversation and views”

Reviewed March 28, 2013

As a younger traveker to Key West, would book a sunset cruise from vendors off Duvall street. This time, we booked through the Hyatt on the Foridays. I am really glad we did. We had a intimate cruise with a few other folks and the crew. This allowed for great conversation as we sipped drinks and watched the beautiful scenery and sunset. Crew was very genuine and felt like friends by the end of the trip. A must do!

Visited March 2013

“Excellent time”

Reviewed March 16, 2013

Beautiful boat that took us out to the Coral Reef. The crew, Alicia (sp) and Jen were very friendly and did all that they could to make our trip enjoyable. They knew the waters very well, where to go on the reef to see the most animals, and were very committed to taking care of us.
We highly recommend going out with Floridays to snorkel.

Visited March 2013

“Take the sunset cruise. Awesome!”

Reviewed March 13, 2013

A ride on Floridays is a Key West must do. The captain and her mate are great. Champagne, wine and beer are served.

“Best Way to See the Gulf Sunset”

Reviewed March 13, 2013

Why jockey for a view with a pack of asphalt-grounded tourists when for about $55 you can have an amazing 90 minute experience that engages all your senses and gives you a front row seat to a world-class sunset? Travel under sail with about 15 other smart folks in a laid-back friendly atmosphere hosted by Captain Alexis and first-mate Jenn, who keeps the wine, beer, and marguaritis coming for those who want them. My wife, 26-year old daughter and I had a wonderful experience this week on Floridays. If you want to avoid the spring break animal house atmosphere of the big boats, Floridays is for you.

Visited March 2013

“"Great crew, relaxing experience"”

Reviewed March 9, 2013

Had the best time spending part of our Key West vacation with Captain Alexis and her first mates. The four people in our party started out with a Campagne Sunset cruise and loved it so much that we booked the snorkeling trip a few days later. This was so much better than the crowded party boats. Captain and her crew try to spend time talking to each guest to totally make them feel welcome. We are particularly grateful for the recommendation to eat at Santiago's Bodega. Overall a relaxing, fun experience, like being on a sailboat with your closest friends. Will recommend Floridays to anyone in the Key West area looking for an on the water experience without the crowds.

Visited March 2013

“Nice People, Nice, Relaxing Trip”

Reviewed March 4, 2013

We had a great time. We arranged a sail, snorkel trip that lasts about 3 hours. The crew was very nice and helpful. I recommend them as they keep the amount of people to a very small size- we had 8- which makes for very personable interaction. Great price and includes beverage and snacks.

“Fantastic sail”

Reviewed February 11, 2013

We had a lovely sunset sail on the Floridays. The crew were friendly and accommodating. We had a party of nine and loved that the boat was a bit more intimate--only four others were on board. I highly recommend!

“Best Experience in Key West”

Reviewed January 11, 2013

We did the sunset cruise and had a blast. The sunset was gorgeous and that was the best location to see it. The staff was very friendly and personable. The boat was beautiful. We were all sad when it was over because we had such a great time.

“An enjoyable Holiday party treat”

Reviewed January 9, 2013

As a special treat we held our office Holiday party on Floridays last December and enjoyed a very relaxing 2 hour sunset cruise with Captain Alexis and her mate Jen. They gave great service, were very friendly, courteous and helped make our party a success. We were a small group of 11 adults and 6 children (ages 3-9). Alexis and Jen provided a safe environment and throughout the cruise were very professional. Champagne, margaritas, wine beer and soft drinks were provided. We brought our own food on board that we were able to lay out buffet style. The sailboat is gorgeous, freshly painted and spacious accomodations down below which the children enjoyed. The boat is docked at the Hyatt Marina and walking through the pool area and hotel grounds to get to the dock is also a special treat because it is so nicely maintained. I recommend Floridays if you are looking for a special, relaxing cruise on the water.

“A perfect choice!”

Reviewed January 7, 2013

I can't say enough good things about this experience. The crew was very attentive and professional, and at the same time provided a very relaxed atmosphere. The boat was nice. The amount of time, perfect. The reef was awesome!

“Soooo relaxing”

Reviewed December 17, 2012

We were a little worried that being December the winds and water wouldn't cooperate. And it didn't for the first two days. But three is a charm! The crew was very accommodating in changing afternoons, twice, because of the wave action. I'm so glad we waited too ... the reef was so clear and very easy to snorkel around. It was a relaxing seven mile ride to and from the reef. The drinks (wine, beer, margaritas) were refreshing on the way back to port. The captain and first mate were knowledgeable and gave the new snorkelers very good directions and tips. Floridays' boat was a little difficult to find because the it is located THRU the Hyatt Resort, past the macaw and the pool and bar. You'll see the small marina area and its at the end of the pier. You can miss that massive sail boat. We didn't get to hoist the sails because of the wind's direction but still so relaxing!! Oh, this isn't a 'party boat' so if you want that type of 'fun' you might want to pick something else. There's a place to relax inside the cabin, a covered and open area on deck, and the bathroom is very clean and enough room to change clothes if you want. They're were young, older, and middle aged couples, but would be just a nice with older kids and teens with a family.

“Magical Sunset Wedding on Floridays”

Reviewed November 26, 2012

My daughter and her fiance wanted a special location for their September 29 ceremony. We contacted Floridays and they had that date open. It was absolutely magical and so special - the crew was top notch, the beverages and fruit and cheese tray was abundant and sailing on this beautiful ship was enchanting. Jill London answered each and every question and more than met our expectations for a wonderful onboard experience. We had eight adults and three children onboard along with the photographer, officiant and crew. I highly recommend Floridays for an unforgetable experience!

“So glad I choose Floridays- beautiful sunset sail”

Reviewed November 24, 2012

I loved the sunset sail. We went on Thanksgiving Day and it was the perfect family thing to do. We had a blast. I highly recommend a sunset sail in Key West. The water and wind was perfect and the sky with the sunset was incredible. The Floridays 60 ft. sailboat is clean and beautiful. This was a highlight of our Key West vacation.

“One of the BEST”

Reviewed October 15, 2012

It all adds up: A beautiful, well-maintained sailing vessel + Knowledgeable, professional, and caring crew + Top-notch scuba gear provided + Delectable drinks + The perfect reef Perfect Cruise.
Even if you're visiting Key West for only a day, do this one. Well worth it.
THANK YOU, Floridays!

“Great day!”

Reviewed September 19, 2012

4 of us from the Miami area are visiting in Key West for a few days and wanted to take a special snorkeling trip. The Hyatt had a special presentation for activities so we had quite a few to choose from. Tim did a good presentation and we felt that they were not as commercial as others. When the guys found out it was an all female crew they were elated! Captain Alexis and first mate, Jen were impressive and we felt we were in good hands from the get go. They handled the 60' boat very professionally and catered to us to make sure we had a great time. We had about an hour sail (and motor as winds not favorable) to Eastern Dry Rocks and were able to snorkel for an hour. We saw HUGE parrot fish, lobster, many other reef fish and, my favorite, moon jellies. Jen explained that they might be out there before we got in the water and said they were not particularly dangerous so I drifted with one and really got a chance to see this amazing sea animal up close. I had only seen them in aquariums and have always been fascinated. It was an awesome experience! After we got back on the boat for our return we were offered drinks and I opted for the Vernor's ginger ale. We arrived back on schedule and were able to see all the Navy ships at dock. What a great Key West experience. Thank you Floridays. When we return we will take another trip with you!

“So Awesome We Did Both Sunset and Snorkeling Trips!”

Reviewed September 16, 2012

My husband and I were in Key West to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary along with my birthday. Our first trip with Floridays consisted of the Sunset Champagne Sailing trip with dinner after. I was blown away by how great Allexis and Jen are! Allexis was our Captain and is the main one for this company. Jen is her first mate and is just wonderful! We set out on a sail to watch the amazing sunset in Key West. The trip was just fantastic. Amazing views and Jen was willing to take a picture of us while we sailed. There is free beer, champagne, and margaritas available while sailing. We then pulled in for our dinner that was included in the package. It was really good. For the price, I could not have asked for more. I had the fish selection while my husband had the chicken selection. The next morning we boarded Floridays again for our snorkeling trip. We went out 7 miles to the reef and explored for about an hour. On the way out you cannot drink as this is smart because the sailing combined with snorkeling for an hour can be taxing on the body. The snorkeling was great. I swam with a sea turtle! For lunch I had the fish sandwich while my husband had the burger. This was even better than dinner! What a great deal Floridays has with the Hyatt! I recommend either package and if you can, book with Allexis and Jen. Also, the bartender at Blue Mojito was wonderful! Finally, there were many other boats out in the evening and Floridays won us over by their smaller groups and personal attention. We cannot wait to get back and do another trip! ~The Polks

“Great activity in Key West”

Reviewed September 11, 2012

Had a great time snorkling at the reef. Perfect weather and the crew was very responsive to the customer. Crew was very knowledgable with the area and fish. Highly recommended.

“excellent captain and crew”

Reviewed September 6, 2012

we were with 2 other couples...attempted to go to snorkle. the captain kept a keen eye on a fast building low pressure system, opted to turn around due to a bad storm on radar. gave everyone their money back and was very flexible about rescheduling. They don't get paid if the trip is a no go and they cared more about safety and good boating practices than that day's pay. We were unable to reschedule as we left Key West the next day. Highly recommend to anyone who wants an eco-friendly, small group, with knowledgeable and fun crew.

“Nice boat trip!”

Reviewed September 4, 2012

Excellent crew, small amount of people per trip. We went out with them last year and returned this year. We did two trips with them this year - one snorkeling at the reef and the other a sunset sail, both were very nice trips and we'll go out with them again.

“Great, relaxing personal attention.”

Reviewed August 9, 2012

my husband and I joined the two women crew for a fantastic three hour adventure.they took us seven miles off shore to a reef for snorkeling.great instruction and provided nice equipment.smooth sail home with yummy drinks provided!

“Wonderful sailing and snorkeling time”

Reviewed July 21, 2012

We loved our adventure with Floridays. They keep the groups small so there were 10 guest and 2 crew members. The boat is very nice with a small bathroom below deck. Plenty of room to move around. The crew was very friendly and made sure all the guest were comfortable with drinks and snacks to and from snorkeling site. The crew made a point to talk to each person and made us feel welcome.The snorkeling equipment was in great shape and the snorkeling site was really good.We will be recommending Floridays to our friends.If you book online, you get a free t-shirt.


Reviewed July 7, 2012

Smaller, more intimate snorkeling trip. The crew were fantastic. It was a bit rocky at the reef, the water was a bit murky, but overall good visibility and a great trip. The crew were fun, knowledgeable, and overall took good care of us.

“Want to go Snorkeling or on a Sunset Cruise Floridays is the only way to go”

Reviewed September 16, 2009

Would like to let you know I'd never been snorkeling and was a little nervous. The Crew on Floridays were wonderful with us. They made us feel totally comfortable and at ease. It's a beautiful boat, clean and very comfortable. They only take half of their capacity so you are never crowded. SO glad that I did it. It was...

“We were married on a sunset cruise on Floridays”

Reviewed August 12, 2010

We could not have asked for a better boat or crew for our wedding. We even went back out on a snorkling day cruise the next day. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to see the best part of Key West!

 “Soothing, peaceful sunset cruise”

Reviewed July 7, 2012

For the 10th year in a row, we took the sunset cruise on the Floridays. The surly, rude, obnoxious (male) captain of last year was gone, thank goodness!! The young women captaining the boat were delightful and competent. We love this sunset cruise because it only holds a max of 20, so you can avoid the typical rowdy, loud, hard..

“Relaxing sunset cruise on a beautiful boat!”

Reviewed July 6, 2012

This boat was 60' and in pristine condition! The alcohol served was higher end and the crew were 2 really nice young ladies. The cruise had only 20 people and fun, relaxing music to enjoy the sunset views. I would recommend to all who are looking for an alternative to the crowded large catamaran style cruises

“Excellent snorkel trip!”

Reviewed July 2, 2012

My brother, sister-in-law, teenage niece, and I took the 3 hour snorkel trip. It was a fantastic experience! Charla (captain) and YaYa (first mate) were skilled, professional, knowledgeable, and FUN to set sail with. There was only a family of 3 traveling with us, so it was like a being on a private ship. Snorkeling was at its finest on.

“Amazing Sailboat & Wonderful Staff”

Reviewed June 23, 2012

Went out sailing with my dad last week while he was visiting and we had a blast. Alexis and her mate were accommodating and very knowledgeable. We had great conversations and enjoyed snorkeling out on the Eastern Dry Rocks. I saw nurse sharks, yellow tail snappers and other beautiful sea life. On the way back you can relax and enjoy a beer, wine, margarita or soda. What can be better than sailing on a gorgeous 60 foot sailboat in Key West?

“charming, fantastic snorkelling, So friendly - Beautiful boat”

Reviewed June 20, 2010

Fantastic day trip out to the reef for a snorkel, the skipper and mate are 1st class, helpful friendly and made us feel very welcome. A small more personal trip that was very relaxing and fun. thanks Alex

“A definite must-do in Key West”

Reviewed June 18, 2012

After asking around a bit, it became apparent that Floridays was the way to go for snorkeling in Key West. I did not want to be on one of the overcrowded catamarans. There was only one other guest on the boat with me and my boyfriend. Alexis took us out to a great area of the reef. While it turns out open water is not for me, my boyfriend had an incredible experience. The sail out is lovely, and the two women staffing the boat were just awesome. It was a really relaxing and fun experience for us and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and more personal experience

“Best snorkeling Charter in the Keys!!”

Reviewed June 16, 2012

The snorkeling experience aboard Floridays was Great!!
We kept seeing the big boats with large numbers rolling out to snorkel, looks like a great party but that is not what we wanted. After reviewing all our options we choose this private sailboat at Floridays and we made a great choice, the boat is a beauty with plenty of room...
This was our first time to snorkel and my wife was very nervous. The Captain and First Mate coached my wife to over come her fears and the first mate, (Charla) actually got in the water and snorkeled with her to the reef. We can't thank Charla enough for going above and beyond. We had an amazing time that we will treasure always.

“Perfect Key West Experience”

Reviewed June 12, 2012

My friend and I were looking for a chance to go snorkeling while we were in Key West over the Memorial Day weekend. Our hotel had a couple of recommendations to chose from. We were more interested in getting some good snorkeling in rather that being treated like sheep, so we shied away from the cheap boats with a ton of people - who would inevitably be loud and inexperienced and scare the wildlife away.
We chose Floridays because it was reasonably priced and the size of the group seemed manageable. We went out for a Sunday morning snorkel trip. We met the boat promptly and noted that it would be the captain, the first mate, and one other group of two.
The morning trips are obviously fantastic because the water is calm and clear, this was no exception. The water was beautiful, the weather was fantastic, and the snorkeling was amazing. We saw a turtle...in the wild!!!!!
The staff was very friendly, helpful, and a general good time. I would recommend this company over another in a heartbeat...it was truly a great vacation moment.

“Amazing trip!”

Reviewed May 14, 2012 NEW

I went on a sunset trip with my girlfriend. I was a beautiful Key West sunset sail, they kept our drinks full and we met some nice people from all over the country. The crew was nice and I would definitely go again.

“"Floridays" - One of the best snorkel trips we have had”

Reviewed May 12, 2012 NEW

Great day ( ship's crew can not control the weather), Great crew (Captain Alexis and First Mate Charla) and only 3 couples made the afternoon trip to the reef a real personal and memorable experience. The crew was professional and friendly through the trip. Although we were experienced snorkelers another couple were first timers. Charla paid special attention to insure their first time experience was one to remember. The reef was fascinating and the water conditions superb. Highly recommend "Floridays" for your Key West experience

“Great sunset cruise!”

Reviewed May 8, 2012

We did a sunset cruise that was both beautiful as well as romantic! The crew was very friendly and helped us with keeping the drinks flowing. There was plenty of room and not crowded, as some of the boats we saw were. It was also very convenient in that our hotel was right by their dock so we could step off and go to the pool!

“Awesome Adventure”

Reviewed May 8, 2012

The Floridays is the staple excursion every time we go to Key West, and this past trip was not any different. The crew is always fun and energetic, and a major reason why we keep coming back. Unfortunately, we had bad weather the first few days of our trip and the boat could not go out. I called multiple times over a three day period and the captain was very patient and upfront with me about the weather and sea conditions. As we waited for a good opportunity to go snorkeling, the concierge at our hotel tried several times to book us on a big catamaran. I respectfully declined because the Floridays has a unique personality that the giant catamarans do not have.
Finally, on our final day, the weather conditions allowed us a chance to go to the reef. Knowing there had been a few days of bad weather, the captain and crew fully informed us of what the conditions were going to be for the day. As we made our way to the reef, the sea state was a little lumpy, but super exciting! Visibility at the reef was not that good, but we knew what to expect. Once we were back on the boat the champagne began to flow…always the best part of the day!
Overall, it was another great day in Key West aboard the Floridays! Thanks again and we will see you again in a few months!


Reviewed May 8, 2012

I was in Key West and I wanted to find the best sailboat to watch the famous Key West sunset. FLORIDAYS DELIVERED ON MY DREAM. I swear, the boat is gorgeous (as well as the captain and the mates!) We didn't have the perfect wind, but everything else was amazing. It was so much fun on the Floridays that we decided to go snorkeling the next day with them! Thanks Capt Alexis! And thanks for pointing out that sea turtle! We will see you on our next trip.

“Wonderful Way to get out ont he water”

Reviewed May 8, 2012

The Floridays is a beautiful spacious and wonderfully enjoyable boat to get out ont the reef for a snorkle trip or enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise complete with champaigne or other drinks. I have taken the Floridays on many occassions and have always enjoyed the boat and the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable crew. Such an easy way to get off the island for a short tiem to ejnoy the water and the sun.. just fantastic!!!!!

“Amazing experience”

Reviewed May 8, 2012

We had a blast snorkeling and went for a sunset cruise as well. The whole experience was amazing and different from anything else in key west!

“Great Crew - Great Boat - Great Reef”

Reviewed April 11, 2012

Title of the review says it all - this was a terrific way to spend an afternoon. Originally, we were booked with another outfit that cancelled our trip last mintue due to engine failure. Floridays was more than willing to have us aboard, and we were glad things worked out that way. The sail out to the reef was terrific, and snorkeling was a blast.

Visited April 2012

“Great snorkeling adventure”

Reviewed April 5, 2012

Alexis was a terrific captain for our early morning run out to the coral reef. There were only 5 of us on board and that made for a terrific day. They lead us to some wonderful reef areas, well away from the bigger catamarans with their 100 people expeditions.

Highly recommend these folks for a more intimate and exclusive outing.

Visited March 2012

“Nice sail and snorkel”

Reviewed April 5, 2012

The ship is well maintained...the female crew great...they had good equipment...not too many people, which was nice. Reef was very visible. Snacks OK. Free t-shirt if booked online.

Visited April 2012

“reef snorkel”

Reviewed April 2, 2012

The snorkeling experience aboard Floridays was great. The Captain (Alexis) was very friendly and knowledgeable. The water was beautiful and I only wish we could have had the sails up to make it a true sailing adventure, but they said the wind wasn't right so we powered out. All in all a very nice trip

Visited March 2012

“I would snorkel with Floridays again any day!”

Reviewed April 1, 2012

Thankfully the staff at our B&B recommended Floridays for our snorkel trip. We are bout to book with another company until we heard about how many people they pack on their boats.

When I contacted Floridays to make our reservations, I was told that they tried to keep to just a few passengers on each trip, and they were right! We only had 8 people total on our recent snorkeling trip. The crew was knowledgeable, capable and extremely friendly. They welcomed us on board and gave us everything we needed for our snorkeling trip to the reef.

Unfortunately, the wind really picked up on our way out to the reef, because the snorkeling was really tough in the large waves. If it had been more calm, we would have had a perfect trip. Can't blame Floridays for the weather, though! They were awesome and we'd book again with them any time.

Forget the crowded party boats and book with Floridays. You won't be disappointed.

Visited March 2012

“Fantastic Sailing Experience”

Reviewed March 28, 2012

We selected Floridays because they actually sailand we were not disapointed! The boat is clean and trim. We sailed to the reef and had a fantastic view of the sunset. The champaigne was a nice touch. Our captain was very skilled and her mate was amazingly strong when it came time to raise the sails. They sailed like women and that's a compliment!

Visited March 2012

“Best Charter in the Keys!”

Reviewed March 18, 2012

My husband and I are locals and out of all the years being here, we've never been aboard SV Floridays (tis a shame!).....until this past Friday night when he surprised me with a date marking the anniversary of when we first met 5 years ago! (Awwww, big points for him!) Floridays is by far one of the best sailing charters I've been on here in the Keys and I've been here since 2005. Captain Alexis and her first mate Yaya were very skilled, knowledgeable and on-point making the entire crew aboard feel at ease. Not only were the winds perfect to actually use the main/jib, the sunset was beautiful. These, paired with the professionalism and smiling faces of the Captain and First Mate, made it a fantastic sunset cruise aboard Floridays. Thank you for making our date night so special and wishing us Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to make it out on the water again :)

Visited March 2012

“Snorkel AND Avoid the Crowds”

Reviewed March 15, 2012

The Floridays took us to the 3rd largest coral reef in the world and though the conditions seemed choppy to us newcomers the crew did a good job of explaining and preparing us to snorkel. We went on in the afternoon with a total of 11 people and 3 crew members...much more opportunity for individualized attention then on some of the larger boats. The boat is beautiful, the staff was superb, and combined with the beauty Key West has to offer we couldn't ask for much more!

Visited March 2012

“Floridays sunset sail”

Reviewed March 12, 2012

Floridays sunset sail was the perfect way to start our vacation in Key West! We had a relaxing, peaceful time enjoying the sunset while the captain and first mate handled everything with ease and made us feel free to enjoy the journey. It was my brother-in-law's 50th birthday and the experience was something we will never forget. I am so happy we chose Floridays. It truly was the best part of the vacation. If you're looking for a great time, beautiful view of the sunset and a truly special event for your vacation, I highly recommend Floridays to make your trip of Key West complete.

Visited March 2012

“Safe, fun, a must-do”

Reviewed March 8, 2012

We decided to check out Floridays because they take you out about 7 miles from the island to the reefs. Some snorkeling places on the island only take you to the shore of the island. The reef is where it's at because there are a ton more beautiful creatures to see. It was my first time so I wanted it to be super special- and worth the price.
The boat itself was awesome, I felt like P.Diddy. The captain, Alexis, explained everything clearly so I could understand it. I hung on her every word because I didn't want to drown on vacation. She made me feel comfortable and confident that wouldn't happen. The first mate, Hileah (hope I spelled that right) also made me feel comfortable and attended to pretty much everyone's every need. There was water, soda, and juice available for the hour trip out to the reef.
The crew gave great instructions, so when I finally jumped in I felt safe and confident. We had about an hour to explore the reef. It was amazing! I saw a ton of awesome fish, even a barracuda! Before I knew it, Alexis was blowing the air horn for us to swim back to the boat. Although I felt like I could have been out exploring for hours, it was a pretty physically demanding experience. My legs were a little sore after! We spent the perfect amount of time in the water.
On the ride back we were offered beer and champagne. Awesome. I had a glass of champagne while we cruised back to the Hyatt. I really was P.Diddy.
Keep in mind it is important to TIP THE CREW before you hop off. Some of the other people on the boat didn't do this and it was kind of a slap in the face to our two crew members who really were working their butts off to make sure we had fun.

Visited February 2012

“timeless, authentic, "real deal" for Key West sailing”

Reviewed March 5, 2012

one of the most beautiful boats on the key west waters! only keeps getting better too with it's latest additions and makeover! been sailing on this boat since I was 15yrs old (a good 10+ years) and every trip out to sea is fantastic. fantastic & friendly crew, beautiful boat...can't get any better than Floridays!

Visited February 2012

“The ultimate sailing & snorkeling adventure!”

Reviewed March 3, 2012

It was a beautiful morning in June as we boarded the Floridays . The captain and first mate were accomplished seamen and very informative on the rules and safety of sailing. They also allowed anyone who wanted to be involved and participate with the sailing of the beautiful ship. Snorkeling off the keys was amazing and the captain knew the best places to set anchor. The equipment available was top notch and in great condition. I would highly recommend this experience for any and all who love adventure and the sea.

Visited June 2011

“outstanding sunset cruise”

Reviewed March 2, 2012

Did sunset sail from The Hyatt Key West - great crew, very comfortable size group of people and a good value. Would highly recommend for a nice end to the day!

Visited March 2012

“When the locals want to sail......”

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 1, 2012 NEW

We sailed with a group of locals. The crew was very polite, and knowlegable. The boat was absolutely emaculate! The crew treated us like real people, and didn't beg for tips. The boat was beatiful and handled the chop well. Definately take a sail on this boat!!

Visited February 2012

“Intimate sunset sail”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 29, 2012 NEW

I loved sailing on Floridays because it was a small group of people and very personal. The captain was friendly and knowledgeable. Everyonewas very accommodating. I would love to go out again!

Visited October 2011

“Gorgeous sail wonderful crew!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

We were so happy with our short trip on Floridays yesterday! Beautiful unforgettable memories with a very professional yet FUN friendly crew! Mike, Joelle, Alexa, Laneir were such a great team and awesome group to spend our Sunday Sail with. We were so lucky to be apart of their Wreckers Race and being my first sail ever WE WON!!! It was a huge WIN for all though just to ve on a beautiful boat!

“Wonderful day and great crew!”

“The sunset cruise was incredible.”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 22, 2012

The sunset cruise with Floridays was the highlight of our trip. The captain and first mate were very friendly and helpful. The price was very resonable and it was only 12 of us which made it even better.

Visited February 2012

“Best thing to do in Key West... By far!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 22, 2012

Floridays is an amazing combination of serenity and adventure! We went out on a snorkeling trip to the reef and saw incredible marine life. But more importantly, the crew was patient with us for having never snorkeled, taught us what to do, and served us first class customer service the whole time we were on the boat. The boat is clean, and sails beautifully, and we were so pleased with our experience that we came back for a sunset sail the next evening. The sunset was incredible, and once again, the crew worked hard to give us the best sunset experience, complete with beer, wine, champagne, and sodas, possible. This is a must-do in Key West!!!

Visited September 2011

“If you do nothing else in Key West...Book a sunset cruise on Floridays”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 21, 2012

My wife and I are experienced sailors and booked this boat knowing this size boat would provide us a more intimate sail than some of the larger crowded tourist boats. We were made to feel right at home by the captain and mate, who were fun, easy going and really cared that everyone on board was enjoying themselves. I've never taken time to write a review before but was overwhelmed by the crew and our experience with them. BTY they steered us to Sandy's famous Cuban sandwiches which were also outrageously good. Seriously two thumbs aloft for Floridays and it's crew... Bob and Terri Rhody sailors

Visited February 2012

“Awesome experience, the best in Key West."”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 9, 2012

Had a wonderful trip snorkeling out to the reefs around Key West, saw many great fish and even sharks! The crew were wonderful and helpful and the whole excursion was very relaxing. A great experience all the way around.

Visited November 2011

“Not to be Missed.”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 18, 2012

Key West is about being on the water. A sunset cruise or a day out snorkeling with a capable crew on a beautiful boat what more can you ask for. I have done these trips several times. It is very fairly priced for what you get. Don't miss this one. 

“An Absolute Must 'to do' in Key West”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 16, 2012

My family just returned from a wonderful vacation in Florida, which included a wonderful stay in Key West. We spent time in Orlando at Disney and then made our way to South Florida, including Key West. Without a doubt the most fun activity for all of us was our snorkeling excursion on "The Floridays." (Even our children keep saying the snorkeling on the Floridays was the most fun they had.) The sailboat was immaculate and the "captain" and "first mate" were awesome. They shared incredible knowledge of the area and the fish that we saw. The snorkeling was some of the best I have done anywhere in the world. We have gone on snorkeling excursions in the past off of catamarans, but this sailboat experience was second to none. We will definitely go out on the Floridays on our next trip to Key West!!!

Visited December 2011  

“Great boat amazing crew”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 18, 2012

Beautiful sunset!!! Amazing atmosphere, crew handing out beverages, great time! Must do when you're in Key West. Unforgetable time!

Visited January 2012

“Perfect boat for a wedding!!!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 15, 2012

At the end of september me and my wife had a beautiful wedding ceremony on Floridays. We live in Key West and over the years we tried several different sunset charters. However for our special day the choice could be only one - Floridays! Beautiful renovated boat, great helpful crew, five star overall. Everything was just the way we dreamed and imagined! So much better then getting married on the beach... Everyone that attended said that it was the best wedding ceremony that they've ever seen.

Visited September 2011

“Great personalized service.”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 12, 2012

I just loved this boat and it's crew. A few friends and I did the sunset sail. The crew gave us wonderful personalized service. We felt like we were locals not tourists I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a true Key West experience.

“the most gorgeous sail boat I have ever been on.”

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 12, 2012

overall great boat great trip comfort. We were the fastest boat on the water that evening.

Visited June 2011


5 of 5 starsReviewed January 12, 2012

Such a gorgeous boat and fun ride for sunset! The crew was so friendly and kept our drinks full




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